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Why Change?

I tend to go against the "everyone is doing it" and find a different way of doing things. I liked the idea of having a blog that wasn't on blogger. However, as I got started, I quickly discovered why so many people use this avenue.....It's better! I am able to do much more here than I was going to be able to do at the other page and not only that but there are people that can help me make this one look cute and interesting! I am NOT a graphic guru by any means. I can upload pictures and do some VERY simple photo editing but that is about it. I am not even very creative plopping pictures into those books you can order from, and so forth.

For now, I have moved the blog to here and intend to continue here. There is much more to offer to help us get our message out. And, in the future, I am certain to discuss why I like/have to do things my way. ;-)


  1. WELCOME back to BLOGGER!!! Would "I" be one of those people that you might be interested in helping you make this page look cute and interesting? LOL I was just doing a layout for you the other day and was reminded that I have a co-op yearbook to get going on...sorry your page will have to remain the same for now unless someone else can get going on it but I'm getting some fun things in my mind for it. Miss you!

  2. Kim~YOU would be one of those people!! No worries.....I can wait. I just remember I am supposed to do my page for you for the year book. Will work on that tonight! :-)