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Up Early

You hear that those living on a farm wake up early, when the rooster crows, in order to accomplish much by way of farm chores. Well, yes, that certainly makes sense as there is plenty to be done and there is just something about mornings on a farm. This is not something I am good at yet. I struggle…..I like, no LOVE, sleep. I am not a “morning” person. I tend to be much more productive late afternoon and evening and I thoroughly enjoy having alone quiet time after everyone else is in tucked into bed. The reality for me is that…..I do live on a farm now and am need to get with the whole morning thing. I set my alarm every night (two actually) and then in the morning I hit the snooze or turn it off and go back to sleep. It is purely stubbornness and lack of self-discipline on my part. God is working on me.

This morning, however, I was awakened by my youngest a few minutes before my alarm was to go off. He wanted to nurse and snuggle. I was excited by my initial thought; I would nurse him, he would go back to sleep and I would have a “farm morning”…. HAHAHAHAHA!! He didn’t go back to sleep. He wanted to snuggle and play with me. So, here we are almost 2 hours later and I no chores have been completed, yet. I opened the front curtains and watched the sunrise with him and had time to thank God for all His provision and for the beauty He gives everyday.

This was a special moment for me, a reminder of sorts. My vision when we moved here was to sit in my chair by the bay window in the early morning with my coffee and my Bible. I pictured myself watching the sunrise as I did my Bible Study and had my time with the Lord to begin my day. Today reminded me “why” I had this desire. I am feeling more motivated to NOT just turn off the alarm tomorrow. My prayer is that God will bless my sleep to be rejuvenating, remind me that my day goes better when I am up and going before my kids, guide me out of my slumber, and prepare me for the day He has given me to care for the blessings that came from Him.

As I am encouraged about tomorrow, I have to live today. With the agenda full, I am going to take it by the horns and praise God for where I am today. Laundry, feeding chickens and dogs, collecting eggs, making meals, directing the girls with cleaning their room, home school lessons, vacuuming, running errands and finally dinner and service at church will make this a full day. TODAY is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it!

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