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My deals!

I know there are better deals out there but I am pretty proud of my quick run to the store tonight.

First, we went to Steak n' Shake for dinner to get out of the house. (We should have just stayed home but that is another story!) I had coupons and had two of the kids split a meal and we drank water so we were able to eat pretty cheap. What I didn't know though was that at Steak n' Shake on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, kids eat FREE!!! We actually could have eaten even cheaper if I had known. Oh time.

Then I went to Target to get some ice cream (I wasn't going to spend $10+ on shakes when I could get almost a gallon of ice cream for less than $6!) and while there picked up a couple of this weeks deals. My coupons are a mess right now and I haven't clipped in over a week but here is what I ended up with.

30 bottles of Sobe Water, 5 Weight Watchers meals, 2 Lean Pockets, 2 Market Pantry Ice Creams, 2 Oreos, animal crackers, and pantyliners. My first transaction was $42.47 and I received 4 $5 Target gift cards. My second transaction came to $17.78. I used the gift cards to pay. I still have $2.22 on a gift card. Woohoo!!! Go me! I bought 43 items for less than $43!!

On another quick escapade today I headed over to Dollar General and used the 50% your entire purchase of home goods. I bought 2 boxes of peel and stick tile for the kids bathroom and two bath rugs for our bathroom. The total was $17.34. Now I do have to go back tomorrow to get two more boxes (Jared told me two wasn't enough) but I printed another coupon so it will just be $10 more.

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