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Down in Klenke Hollow is changing to Klenke Hollow.  :D  We are no longer on the farm in the hollow but right in town.  We aren't in a hollow anymore.  We are actually near the top of a river bluff and there isn't much peaceful here.  Let's see, there is a train track, hospital and main thoroughfare all RIGHT here. 

We have been here about 2 months now and I have been struggling with scheduling, getting settled in, moving back to town, etc, etc, etc.  I have been longing to blog but not sure if I wanted to continue Down in Klenke Hollow (even though there is not much here so far) or start fresh.

Then just this weekend, well, at church really, it came to me. No matter where we live or what circumstances we are going through, we are in the hollow.  We are in the hollow of HIS hand.  I am thankful to know the promises of God's word but wish I remembered them more frequently.  That is what I hope to share most here.  My desire is to express what God is doing in my life and how the gospel, HIS story changes everything.  Now, please remember, I am Kari and will no doubt follow some crazy roads, as I have been known to do a time or two.  There is an incredible peace though knowing He is always there and uses everything to show me how GREAT He is. 

I will be adding more to the site and making a commitment to this.  It is my avenue to process, express and share what God is doing in my life and how He is transforming all that I think and do.

I would love to have you to join me on this journey.  Follow our adventure and see where He leads.  :D  We are the Klenke's and we are in the hollow of HIS hand.


  1. Lanita00:22

    I love, love, love thae reference to His hand! I was wondering where you were going when you said you were still in the hollow! Definitely couldn't have said it better! Love you girl and love to watch God working in your lives!

  2. What a great glad to have you back in bloggy land. Love to you and the kiddos!