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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Here we are 6 months into this adventure and it is time to get busy(ier).

It has come time that we have to make some decisions on our next adventure. We have chickens for laying eggs. We like that and it is going well. We are almost breaking even now that we are able to sell the eggs. We are considering more laying hens and then also some meat birds. I am not really looking forward to the butchering but maybe Jared will just LOVE doing it!!! HAHAHA... The problem that I am seeing is that it really is more expensive to raise your food the way God intended it. That just isn't right! In the long run will get less expensive as we are breeding our own but until then, WHOA!!! I knew there would be outlay but I don't think I was expecting this much outlay so soon.   Seems to the story of our life.

So right now we are looking at needing an incubator and such to hatch eggs, acquiring more chickens, and possible huts for the chickens to be put on pasture. Then there is the possibility of sheep. Do we look for sheep for meat (lamb=yummy) or wool? Do we even want to go that route? Goats are real big around here but I am not really interested in goats. Then there is cattle. We can do angus or one of the other beef breeds. We could also do dairy although I am REALLY NOT interested in getting into a dairy operation. We are interested in having something to provide our own milk and maybe for a few families. I think I can handle that much milking. Then there are the dual purpose breeds that provide milk and great beef. There are several breeds but the one we are most interested in are the Dexters. They are a great all around breed and have much going for them including their size, foraging ability, feed to meat conversion, temperment, milk production as well as growing demand.

There is a lot to think about. But for right now it is time to go make lunch for the kiddos and then head to town for errands and Wednesday night church.

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