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Monday we are...

If you told me 10 years ago that Jared and I would be living on 30 acres in mid-eastern Missouri, I probably would have laughed in your face and said, “Yeah, right!” However, God has a way of laying things out and preparing you for what He has planned. Even completely changing what is important to you and totally changing the desires of your heart.

So when Jared and I met we were yuppie-wanna-bees! Seriously, going out on a date we each had our Franklin-Covey Planners and cell phones (although they were big honkin things) and climbing into a White 2-door Jeep Cherokee. He was a sales rep for plastic making equipment (now, he would have a sentence long description of what he did…..he sold the big machines that make things from plastic….) and I was an elementary school teacher.

At that time, while I knew deep down I wanted to have a family, I was quite independent and not real sure what that would look like for me. However, I know that I had visions of a mom mobile, having “the life”, doing the soccer mom thing, and probably teaching once my kids were school age.

Meeting through mutual friends was interesting because they told each of us that we were NOT the other types. Honestly, we probably weren’t. But somehow, God worked all that out and almost 13 years and 4 kids later, here we are.

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